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Born in Ecuador in 1988. Formal Music education. Clinical psychologist. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Science fiction author. Currently based in Guayaquil.

Artist statement

I have a certain fascination for the contemplative gaze, stillness, lethargy, and imaginary scenarios immersed in a recursive nostalgia. I am drawn to nature stopped in time, frozen in the subtlety of waiting and shadows. The humanity present in my work is always another humanity, it is often suggested if not absent, or it is dissociated from reality and space, maybe only in the form of a spectator.


2019 | Municipal Museum of Guayaquil. Festival de Artes al Aire Libre (FAAL) XX Edition

2018 | Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum. La obra en papel (collective exhibition)

2017 | Nahím Isaías Museum. Alimaña (solo exhibition)

2016 | Municipal Museum of Guayaquil. Serendipia (collective exhibition)

2016 | Municipal Center of Art and Culture Luz Victoria Ribera de Mora. Salón Machala VII Edition


2020 | Börn Eyjarinnar Laboratory (author and illustration)

2015 | Acerca del gran genio: Medardo (illustration – collective project)


2019 | How to overcome apathy (Grave)

2019 | Introduction to the stuffed animal game (Andante)

2019 | The return of the abducted cat (Andante)

2019 | I miss my home near the whitish luminous star (Andantino)

2019 | The awakening of the nightmare of you (Andantino)

2019 | Round trip to Marketing land (Andantino)

2019 | Imaginary orb (Adagio)

2019 | Farewell (Adagio)