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Börn Eyjarinnar Laboratory


A hypertechnological child-centered eusociety is torn between progress and phyletic extinction, while trying to understand the interference it receives from the outside. In this science fiction novel, logic and chaos are intertwined to exacerbate the senses.


Plot summary

The Börn Eyjarinnar laboratory is located inside a subterranean base, on an island whose environment becomes hostile when the aphelion arrives. Protected from the harmful effects of radiation, kilometers below the surface, the laboratory is designed to ensure life and artificial human reproduction—the only viable solution for the continuity of this species that tends to hypogonadism and neoteny. As the story unfolds and anomalies appear in the telecommunication, the ontological conflict of each character takes center stage. Sunna, Adalberg, Valdi, Sólmundur, and the others, are the reverse of a technological eusociety, isolated and in crisis.



The book consists of a prelude, two parts, and a flourish, with a structure that resembles a musical composition.

Prelude in A-Flat minor

The prelude is a short, emotional story written in the first-person. The narrator character does not have defining characteristics such as age, gender or place of origin. Despite not having an obvious connection with the successive parts, this section serves as an introduction, since it defines the emotional tone of the story and has symbolic elements that will appear later.

First part: Exposition

The first part is an exposition of voices in a sequential timeline of situations where each voice interacts with the others, varying the leading role. This gives a pattern of the type of musical technique to which the logical structure of the book refers: a fugue. Like a fugue, the story follows certain predefined rules and repeats or imitates elements throughout the composition.

Second part: The three episodes

The second part is divided into three episodes that are the central development of the story, and where the temporary break in the narrative takes place.


The flourish is the final entry that contains a return to the subject, using the anaphora—a literary figure.