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You are welcome to see my previous participation in galleries, art festivals, and collective or solo projects.

Painting selected for exhibition in the XX Edition of the Festival de Artes al Aire Libre (FAAL)

“La teoría de los ciervos” was exhibited at the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil in October 2019. In a reference to Plato’s theory of forms, this painting shows an infinite, intelligible, eternal world, where ideas inhabit.

“La teoría de los ciervos” next to other selected paintings.

“Obra en papel” (Collective exhibition)

Drawings and engravings exhibition by UEES students and alumni at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum.

La Obra en Papel exhibition opening at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum.

“Alimaña” (Solo exhibition)

Painting, sculpture and engraving exhibition that shows a nocturnal world of animals, beyond an anthropocentric view.

Victoria Rodríguez and me.
Alimaña exhibition opening at the Nahim Isaías Museum.

Maria Man Ging emerges to structure a nocturnal world, a very personal environment in which she evokes a silence in blues and grays, and the stripping of prejudices announced in her work Alimaña. In her search she turns to nature and cement where we find cats, foxes, opossums and more. She resorts to painting, engraving and sculpture as a representational resource; she shows dexterity in the art of drawing and acrylic painting in blue tones that induce darkness, a world that awakens and survives according to its rules.”

V. Adrián Ramírez Lavid
January 2017 – Ecuador

Invitation poster to Alimaña exhibition.

“Serendipia” (Collective exhibition)

A lucky, valuable, unexpected find that occurs accidentally, by chance, or when you are looking for something different. Exhibition of drawings, paintings and sculptures by UEES students and alumni at the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil in 2016.

Serendipia exhibition opening at the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil.

Painting exhibited in the VII Edition of the Salón Machala

I use the representation of the dead animal confronted with the Cosmos, and the avoidance of the incessant questioning in a scene where a murder is suggested. A methodological effort is necessary—in the sense proposed by Schopenhauer—to be able to aesthetically contemplate the nocturnal world.

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